Breastfeeding May Lower Moms’ Diabetes Risk

Children's Health, Parenting, Woman's Health
Most of us are aware of the many, many benefits to the baby when the mom chooses to breastfeed ... especially when mom exclusively breastfeeds for at least six months. But, did you know that there are benefits for the breastfeeding mom? And, it's not just psychological. Here's a study showing that breastfeeding your baby for only one month may help prevent diabetes in the mom in the future -- and this may be especially helpful information for moms with gestational diabetes, as they are more likely to develop diabetes later in life. Here are the details from WebMD: Breastfeeding for a month or longer appears to reduce a woman's risk of getting diabetes later in life, according to a new study. The breastfeeding and diabetes link has been reported…
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Medicine Errors Harming Children. What Can A Parent Do?

Children's Health, Parenting
Australian researchers are claiming that many parents are incapable of giving their children the correct dose of liquid medicines. Using household spoons to measure them out could mean a potentially dangerous overdose, they say. And, children under five are at the highest risk of accidental overdose. The study, presented at a medical meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, tested 97 adults and found: 61% measured the wrong dose, 17% measured an overdose, and 44% did not give enough. Ouch! All the more reason for parents to follow my advice to always use an oral syringe to administer any medication to a child. These oral syringes are readily available at your pharmacy and very inexpensive. Here are some additional details from the BBC: Dr Rebekah Moles, from the University of Sydney, recruited 97 people…
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Can Calcium Supplements Cause Heart Attacks?

Heart Health, Nutritional Health
Calcium supplements are coming under scrutiny due to concerns that they might increase heart attacks. A new study shows that patients over 40 who take 500 mg/day or more of calcium have an increased risk of heart attack. And, the theory is plausible as too much calcium might lead to vascular calcification and atherosclerosis. But it is WAY, WAY, WAY  too soon to jump to any conclusions for at least a couple of reasons: The analysis only looked at people taking calcium supplements alone. It doesn't address the role of dietary calcium or taking vitamin D along with calcium. Especially since some research suggests that taking calcium plus vitamin D does not significantly affect coronary artery calcification. The Doctors of Pharmacology at the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database tell prescribers this:…
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