Good relationship with dad can help fight stress

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Do you remember playing games with your dad or having heart-to-heart talks? For men, many years later, that turns out to be incredibly important. The relationship you had with your father, and the way that you treat your sons, may be more influential than you think. Here are more details from WebMD: A new study presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association reveals that men who had positive relationships with their fathers are better equipped to deal with the stress of everyday life than men who did not remember their dads fondly. "A big take-home message is that if there is a father present in a child’s life, he needs to know how important it is to be involved," said Melanie Mallers of California State University, Fullerton.…
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Birth Order May Affect a Child’s Intelligence and Personality

Children's Health, Mental Health, Parenting
Birth order within families has long sparked sibling rivalry, but it might also impact the child's personality and intelligence, a new study suggests. First-borns are typically smarter, while younger siblings get better grades and are more outgoing, the researchers say. The findings weigh in on a long-standing debate: What effect if any does birth order have on a person's life? While numerous studies have been conducted, researchers have yet to draw any definitive conclusions. The results lend support to some previous hypotheses — for instance, that the eldest sibling tends to have higher aptitude. But the study also contradicts other proposed ideas, for example, that first-borns tend to be more extroverted. Here are more details from a report in Fox News: The findings shed light on the influence of sibling…
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What are the Healthiest Fast Food Breakfasts?

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Healthy fast-food breakfasts? Sounds like an oxymoron, eh? Well, there may be some options for your consideration. And according to at least one expert, they'll help you keep calories low while you're on the go! Here are the details in a report from CBS: Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but if you're traveling or in a hurry, it's hard to find a healthy one. Now though, some of the major fast food chains are starting to offer healthier options. In the last few years, they've had to publish their nutritional info, which has put them under the nutrition miscroscope. On "The Early Show," nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot, a contributor to Cooking Light magazine pointed to several choices that are healthier than typical fast food…
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