The Blessing of Anastasha – Part 13 – Day of Life 221

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Little Anastasha, whose life we’ve been following for the last 13 weeks, is now about 221 days old, despite her terminal diagnosis of anencephaly. She continues to grow and prosper in her mom’s womb, and she continues to bless her parents, her siblings, her family, and all of who are able to follow her journey and pray for she and her family. Here's the latest update from her daddy, family physician Craig DeLisi" Here's a quick snippet from a conversation in our house the other day that took me by surprise: Ariana (11 years old, who is helping potty train her soon to be 3 year old brother, Cale) - "Cale, don't go tee-tee on Elmo (on his big boy underwear). Do you know what happens if you go tee-tee on…
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CDC: Flu Vaccine Has Arrived … Get Yours ASAP

Children's Health, Men's Health, Woman's Health
The CDC's 'Flu Ends with U' Campaign has started and most doctors offices and pharmacies already have the vaccine in stock. It may still be late summer, but this year's flu vaccine has already arrived -- and the CDC wants you to get yours right away. And, that "you" means "everybody." For the first time, the seasonal flu vaccine is recommended for all men, women -- including pregnant women -- and children over age 6 months. Exceptions include only those allergic to eggs or those with other health issues that make vaccination unwise. And there will be plenty of vaccine out there. Manufacturers tell the CDC they'll have 170 million doses on hand. They've already begun shipping the vaccine across the nation. Here are more details from WebMD: No, this isn't…
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Generics As Good As Costly Blood Pressure Meds, Study Finds

Heart Health, Men's Health, Woman's Health
A new study is reporting what I've been telling my patients for years: generic blood pressure medications are as good as the far more costly brand name medications -- plus, fewer deaths seen in the group taking no-brand-name diuretics after 8 to 13 years. Here are the details from HealthDay News: Costly, brand-name blood pressure-lowering drugs are no better at preventing cardiovascular disease than older, generic diuretics, reveals long-term data from a large study. It included more than 33,000 patients with high blood pressure who were randomly selected to take either a diuretic (chlorthalidone) or one of two newer drugs -- a calcium blocker (amlodipine) or an ACE inhibitor (lisinopril). Data from the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT) released in 2002 showed that after four to…
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A Good Doctor’s Visit Starts With a Little Homework

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In my newest health book, 10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People: Becoming and staying highly healthy, I discuss the essential of being your own healthcare quarterback. Now, consumer experts are joining me in saying that preparation before a doctor's visit may improve your health and save you money. Here are the details in a report from HealthDay News: Whether buying a toothbrush or a new car, it's become routine for shoppers to research before buying so they know all the options and can strike the best possible bargain. Far less often, though, do people apply those tactics to one of their most important regular purchases: a trip to the doctor's office. But medical services ought to be tackled the same way any other purchase would be, consumer experts say. That begins with doing…
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