The Amazing Story of Anastasha – Part 7

Bioethics, Children's Health, Mental Health, Parenting
Each Monday, we have all been graced with an update from from Craig DeLisi about his unborn child Anastasha, who has been diagnosed with anencephaly, for which there is no cure or treatment. I hope you’ll join with me in keeping the DeLisis in your prayers. One of the graces that I've enjoyed in the last two and a half months has been time spent teaching the children from God's Word. I've asked the Lord to direct me to passages that will speak to their hearts, especially in regards to Anastasha. A few nights ago we found ourselves in the ninth chapter of the Gospel of John. It’s a story that many of you know well. Probably the most well known healing in all of Scripture, the blind man. As he went…
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Using testosterone in men

Men's Health
There's a long-brewing controversy about using testosterone in older men. The interest in testosterone replacement is being fueled by several popular books and consumer ads about what is now called "low T." But, according to the doctors of pharmacology who write the Prescriber’s Letter (a publication I recommend highly to prescribers), experts disagree whether testosterone replacement is a fountain of youth ... or a misguided attempt to treat normal aging. The experts at Prescriber’s Letter have concluded that testosterone replacement MIGHT help improve energy, strength, bone density, and sexual function. But, unfortunately, there's no proof that it's safe for older men. Why? Well, at least one concern is that testosterone may increase the risk of prostate cancer ... similar to estrogen and breast cancer. As a result, I think physicians should…
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ADHD drugs have no long-term growth effects: study

Children's Health, Mental Health, Parenting
When I wrote the medical sections for the book, Why ADHD Doesn't Mean Disaster, I discussed the fact that there had been concerns, in some circles, that ADHD medications may effect a child's growth -- although the risk of this effect (if real) was far less than the risks, for most children, particularly teens, of not utilizing the medications. Now, it will be easier for me to reassure my patients and their parents as a new study is reporting that neither attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) nor the medications used to treat it have a long-term impact on a child's growth. (By the way, my ADHD book, in both the soft cover and hard cover is currently on sale at my online bookstore.) Here are the details from a report in…
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