Lack of sleep ‘linked to early death’

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#mce_temp_url#Better Sleepers Are ‘Successful Agers’ In a number of my health books (including 10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People: Becoming and staying highly healthy, SuperSized Kids: How to protect your child from the obesity threat, and God's Design for the Highly Healthy Teen), I discuss the growing number of studies showing that a good night's sleep (the right quantity and quality of sleep - not too much or too little) is associated with a wide range of good mental and physical health outcomes. Now comes a new study showing that getting less than six hours sleep a night can lead to an early grave. (You can find a list of my blogs on sleep at the bottom of this page) The UK and Italian researchers say that people regularly having too…
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New Study Says, “Check blood pressure at home, not MD’s office!”

Heart Health, Men's Health, Woman's Health
Think you need to go to the doctor's office to check your blood pressure? Think again. For years I've had my patients monitor their blood pressure at home. I do NOT rely solely upon blood pressure readings in the office. Now comes a new study saying the best way to predict your risk of stroke or heart attack due to high blood pressure is through systematic monitoring at home rather than periodic checks in the doctor's office. Here are more details from Reuters Health: "With home blood pressure monitoring you get a greater number of measurements and there is no white-coat effect," lead author Dr. Teemu Niiranen told Reuters Health, speaking of the tendency for anxiety to drive up blood pressure. "At home the patient is more relaxed and this…
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