Trip to Italy – Day #15 – Rome Day #3

Family Newsletter, General Health
Rome is magnificent and brutal, painfully historical and modern, wonderfully peacefully and maddeningly bustling, captivating and repulsing ... at all at the same time. To us, it's not nearly as serene as Venice, nor as romantic as Florence, but it is more so than both a showcase of Western civilization. If you're careless you can be run over or pickpocketed. And, with the wrong attitude I suspect you could quickly become frustrated. As Rick Steves says, "While Paris is an urban garden, Rome is a magnificent tangled forest." But, we've found that with pacing and organization, you can love this jungle and find many, many treasures in her. Today, Sunday, May 22, we began our day at some beautiful, ancient churches not far from the train station (Santa Maria Maggiore,…
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