Trip to Italy – Day #11 – Florence Day #3

Family Newsletter
Ah ... a great night's sleep. GREAT night's sleep. Did I say, we slept great? Anyway, our new room was cool and quiet and comfortable. In fact, we slept in a bit longer than we had planned ... after all, what's a vacation for! Last night, after posting my blog to you, we both had a hankering to walk a bit. We took off to enjoy Florence at night. And, as beautiful as it is at day, at night it is even moreso. Magnifico! The Duomo, Campanile, and Baptistry of Santa Maria del Flore We finally ended up on the Republic Square and found a cafe for a light dinner. We people watched, were amused by street vendors and performers, enjoyed a delicious dinner of bruschetta, fresh baked bread dipped…
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Church health fairs help spot high blood pressure

Heart Health, Men's Health, Woman's Health
Churches and parish nurse programs have proven to be essential to the physical, emotional, relational, and, of course, spiritual health of their congregants. Now, new research shows that church health fairs are an effective way of identifying people with high blood pressure and making sure they get treatment. Here are the details in a report from Reuters Health: These fairs are a venue to get people from low-income immigrant communities into medical care, Dr. Arshiya A. Baig of the University of Chicago told Reuters Health. Baig and her team worked with a faith community nurse program in Los Angeles that runs clinics and provides community outreach. Registered nurses also partner with churches, holding office hours there and providing services. Baig and her team visited 26 health fairs in Los Angeles…
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Friends, Not Grandkids, Key to Happy Retirement

Men's Health, Mental Health, Woman's Health
In my book 10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People: Becoming and staying highly healthy, I talk about "avoiding loneliness like the plague." (more information on the book and free resources at the end of this blog) In other words, I stress that a strong social network bodes well for golden years. Now, another study finds this to be true. Here are the details in a report from HealthDay News: It's said that one of the joys of old age is taking pleasure in your grandchildren, but an English research team begs to differ. An active social life, being married and having a partner who is also retired all make a huge difference in seniors' enjoyment of life, but having children or grandchildren matters little, the University of Greenwich team found in…
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Major medical organization endorses active surveillance for large numbers of prostate cancer patients

Cancer, Men's Health
The Chicago Tribune reported that "for the first time," active surveillance is "being  endorsed for large numbers of men by a major medical organization: the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, an alliance of 21 leading cancer centers across the US." According to "new guidelines," the approach is recommended "for men deemed to have 'very low risk' prostate cancer and a life expectancy of less than 20 years," as well as for those men whose "prostate cancer is considered 'low risk' and" have a "life expectancy" of "less than 10 years." In other words, "almost 40 percent of the 192,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year could qualify for active surveillance under those standards, said Dr. James Mohler," part of the "committee that prepared the guidelines." Researchers in Illinois conducting active surveillance…
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