Little evidence that supplements help tinnitus

Alternative Medicine
The Los Angeles Times reports that although "tinnitus can sometimes be treated with electronic masking devices" or "cognitive behavioral therapy," a number of sufferers "end up looking for tinnitus relief in a pill." One such "homeopathic supplement" is called Quietus, which is said to contain a "powerful lineup of ingredients." Tinnitus Relief Formula, which is a capsule that "contains 120 milligrams of ginkgo biloba along with zinc and garlic extract," is another option. One audiologist pointed out, however, that "there's no solid evidence that the supplements are of use." Jeff Carroll, director of the Tinnitus Treatment Center at UC Irvine, added, "We don't recommend them." In fact, the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates no natural medication (herb, vitamin, or supplement) as "effective," "probably effective," or even "possibly effective" for tinnitus. And, the…
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Placenta-derived stem cell therapy may benefit patients with Crohn’s disease

The successes for adult, cord blood, and placental-derived stem cells just keep piling up. Now comes an AP report saying, "Celgene Corporation ... reported a successful safety trial of a placenta-derived stem cell therapy as a treatment for Crohn's disease." During the trial, "12 patients with moderate to severe Crohn's disease," who had been previously treated unsuccessfully, "were given two infusions of Celgene's PDA-001 at one week apart, at one of two doses." According to Celgene, patients who received a lower-dose of PDA-001 appeared to benefit from the treatment and clinical remission was noted in four participants, Reuters reported. Such findings were considered so encouraging that the firm has decided to test the therapy on a broad spectrum of diseases. What's more, PDA-001 is unlikely to draw ire, because it…
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Surprisingly, Family Time Has Grown

Children's Health, Marriage and Family Health, Mental Health, Parenting
Working parents perpetually agonize that they don’t see enough of their children. But a surprising new study finds that mothers and fathers alike are doing a better job than they think, spending far more time with their families than did parents of earlier generations. In my book, God's Design for the Highly Healthy Teen, I write, "Other than blameless (unconditional) love, there is no more powerful connector than the gift of TIME." In other words, in connecting with your child, you must spend time with them. I often tell parents, there is no "quality" time without "quantity time." And, there is no better investment, after our relationship with our creator and our spouse (if we're married) than to spend time with out children. Here are the details of this new study…
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Trip to Italy – Day #3 – Rome

General Health
After 48 hours of travel -- we finally made it to Rome about 1030 am this morning (Sunday, May 10). We were upgraded to first class which was a hoot. The seats actually lay flat into a bed. Unbelievable -- a great night's sleep on an international flight. And, the food was pretty good, also. (more…)
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