Superfoods for Women

Nutritional Health, Woman's Health
Most of us love to eat great food. But, we also want to feel great. Can we do both? You bet you can if you choose foods that make you energetic, smarter, leaner, and stronger -- and then use them the right way in your daily eating habits. To help you accomplish that, here's a story reported by CBS News. Registered dietician Frances Largeman-Roth, the senior food and nutrition editor for Health Magazine, made these suggestions on "The Early Show" about what she considered some of the top "superfoods" for women: What are "superfoods"? As Largeman-Roth explained, the list comes from Health magazine's experts. "We went to our experts and said, 'If you had to compile a list of 10 superfoods based on nutrient profiles and research, what would you choose?'" Health magazine…
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Coffee and Your Health

Heart Health, Nutritional Health, Woman's Health
Today I'm teaching the family medicine residents at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of them asked if there were any health benefits of coffee. Of course, long time readers on this blog know the answer to that question is a qualified YES. There are a number of coffee and health related studies that have come out just this year. In fact, two recently came out at an American Heart Association meeting. Among the findings: coffee drinkers are less likely to be hospitalized with heart rhythm disorders, which is a bit surprising because heart palpitations are more common among those who drink coffee. Bloomberg News reported that "while a shot of espresso may give people the sensation their hearts are racing, drinking more coffee reduced…
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Eating Processed Meat Riskier Than Red Meat

Heart Health, Nutritional Health
Here's some surprising information from the Harvard School of public health. It's an old news, new news story. First a reiteration of some old news: Eating processed meat such as bacon, salami, hot dogs, or lunch meats is associated with an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. But, this old news becomes even more convincing since this particular report is based upon an analysis of 20 studies including more than 1.2 million adults. However, the new news is that the increased risk of heart disease and diabetes does NOT come from eating UNPROCESSED red meat, such as steak, lamb or pork. How about that for a shocker!? The risk comes from eating PROCESSED meats. The researchers theorize that the higher sodium and nitrate levels in processed meats are the…
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