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Mission Ethiopia

This blog will be silent from today until Wednesday, January 27. Why? Because Barb and I will be serving on a medical mission trip to Ethiopia. It’s been three years since my last overseas mission trips (to China and Iran), … Continue reading

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Could African Mango Help With Weight Loss?

Irvingia gabonensis is becoming a popular natural ingredient for weight loss. It is now showing up in several weight loss products such as Integra Lean Irvingia, Vitagetics Vita Lean, Dr. Sears Private Label Primal Force Primal Lean, and others. But, … Continue reading

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Be Careful Using a Neti Pot Everyday

Nasal Irrigation using “neti pots” or rinse bottles are often used to clear the sinuses, soothe cold and allergy symptoms, and decrease sinus infections. But now preliminary research suggests that chronic use might actually INCREASE the risk for sinus infections. … Continue reading

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