Dr. Walt’s Testimony Before Congress on Faith-based Perspectives on the Provision of Community Services

Bioethics, General Health, Medical Economics
Back in 2004, while serving as Vice President of Medical Outreach at Focus on the Family, I was asked to testify before the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources on the topic of “Faith-based Perspectives on the Provision of Community Services.” Recently someone asked me to post my comments, so here they are. You can also read them in the Congressional Record here. Mr. Chairman, I am Walter L. Larimore. Prior to joining Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado in February 2001 to become Vice-President of Medical Outreach, I practiced family medicine for over 20 years in small rural towns in North Carolina and Florida. In both practices, I was actively involved in teaching medical students and residents. I was also involved in medical research and writing…
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Adult Stem Cell Treatment Restores Sight to Partially Blind Man

General Health
The Guardian in England has an amazing story about a partially blind man regaining his vision. Russell Turnbull, 38, suffered massive damage to his right eye when he was caught in a scuffle after a night out in Newcastle in 1994. On the bus home, Turnbull had tried to intervene in a fight between two men but was injured when one of them began squirting passengers with ammonia. The chemical severely scarred Turnbull's cornea, the clear membrane that covers the front of the eye, and destroyed stem cells that usually help keep the cornea healthy. In an experimental treatment devised by doctors at the North East England Stem Cell Institute in Newcastle, stem cells were taken from Turnbull's healthy eye and grown on a layer of amniotic tissue, which is…
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Twelve Reasons Why the Senate Health Care Bill Should Alarm Each of Us

General Health, Medical Economics
My friend, family physician and U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, MD, has my undying respect and admiration. When he speaks, I listen. So, his most recent piece on the healthcare reform legislation being hammered out behind closed doors caught my interest. I thought you'd find it compelling and recommend you share this with others: As a doctor I swear to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, including to do no harm. As a Senator, I swear to uphold the United States Constitution. In the recent health care debate, principles from both have converged and I am sad to say that the Senate health care bill violates both of my oaths. Below are twelve major concerns that should have every American's attention: 1) Bailout for Insurance Companies It is potentially unconstitutional for the federal…
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