Breastfeeding offers women long-term protection against metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis

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We all know that breastfeeding has myriad benefits for the baby. Breastfeeding reduces babies' risk of these diseases by these percentages: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS):  36% Type 1 Diabetes:  19-27% Type 2 Diabetes:  39% Leukemia (acute lymphocytic) :  19% Leukemia (acute myelogenous):  15% Asthma:  27% Gastrointestinal infections:  64% Lower respiratory tract diseases:  72% Atopic dermatitis:  42% Acute otitis media:  50% We know that breastfeeding has psychological benefits for the mother -- and that there are physical benefits for the mother including the fact that it is easier for a breastfeeding mother to loose weight after the birth and breast feeding helps reduce the risk of some types of cancer by these percentages: And breastfeeding reduces mothers' risk of these diseases by: Type 2 Diabetes:  4-12% Ovarian cancer:  21% Breast cancer:  28%…
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Study shows no link between increased cell phone use and brain cancer incidence

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The first week of December, most new outlets reported, as did NBC Nightly News on 12/3, "There's been speculation for years that there's been a link between" cell phones and brain cancer, but "the results of a very large, very long study of just about everybody in Scandinavia found no link." This is great news for all of us who use cell phones. USA Today reported that, according to the study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers found "no link between rising cell phone use and rates of brain cancer." The finding is "consistent with most other studies," but Melissa Bondy, of MD Anderson Cancer Center, noted that "even if the study had found an increase in brain tumor rates," cell phones may not be "to…
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