Readers ask about my response to the Zetia / Vytorin study that is all over the news

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Cholesterol Drug Controversy Continues Some of you are wondering about my response to this news. First of all, you should know that I'm on Vytorin. My doctor had recommended a statin, along with omega-3 fatty acids for my increasing triglycerides and decreasing LDL (lethal) cholesterol. When my cholesterol particle counts (we don't just follow my lipid profile) didn't meet goal, my doctor added Zetia (using the statin and Zetia combination drug of Vytorin). Voilà, my particle counts are way normal. Does this new information change my view about the reasonableness of adding either nyacin or Zetia to a statin as add-on drugs? Absolutely not. You can read my previous blogs on Zetia here: Cholesterol Drug Controversy Continues A trusted expert speaks out on the Vytorin fiasco (for doctors) In the…
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