What’s the best mask to protect from the flu? Here’s the latest.

General Health
In an earlier blog, I told you about studies indicating that the only facial apparatus that is likely to protect you from the flu virus is what they call a “respirator,” referring to an N95 or higher filtering facepiece respirator (one certified by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Then, I told you about another study which found that the simple, and far less expensive, surgical masks were as effective. What was the difference between these two studies? Now we know. (more…)
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Spare the Rod? Is Spanking a Child Harmful or Helpful? – Part 8 – Is appropriate spanking a form of violence?

Children's Health, Parenting
Opposition to parents spanking their children has been growing significantly in elite circles over the past few years. And, my blogs on spanking are among the most read of those I publish. Therefore, I’ve decided to, with the help of the research of my friends Den Trumbull, MD, S. DuBose Ravenel, MD, to look a the arguments used against spanking, to see if they hold any water. This is the eighth in a 12 part series: Argument #7: Spanking is violence Counterpoint: Spanking, as recommended by most primary care physicians,[7] is not violence by definition ("exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse").[8] Parents who properly spank do not injure or abuse their child. The use of this term "violence" in the spanking debate only serves to deepen the…
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Larimore Family Newsletter – November 2009 Edition

Family Newsletter
Here is the Table of Contents for the November edition of our Family Newsletter: Family Update Several of Dr. Walt’s books on clearance sale – great gift ideas TSI: The Gabon Virus – autographed copies available – great gift idea His Brain, Her Brain Update and Review Bryson City Secrets Review Dr. Walt Interviewed for article on childhood obesity Dr. Walt and Barb’s Focus on the Family Interview in the “Best of 2009” Events of the last month Upcoming Events (more…)
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