Christian Medical Association Labels House Healthcare Bill an “Overdose” That Threatens Patient-Physician Relationship

Bioethics, Medical Economics
The 16,000-member Christian Medical Association, the nation’s largest faith-based associaation of physicians, today said that the 2,000-page healthcare overhaul bill (HR 3962) introduced in the House of Representatives last week far exceeds the need for targeted reforms, instead injecting massive government intervention that threatens the patient-physician relationship. CMA CEO Dr. David Stevens, "This legislation is an overdose. With this massive legislation, we are getting much more than is actually needed to fix our healthcare system. What we need is a targeted reformation of areas needing reform, but this legislation is an attempt to totally transform our healthcare system into a government-run system that dictates what healthcare treatment each patient will receive. “The legislation introduced last week is coming to a vote way too fast. We have one chance to get…
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