Spare the Rod? Is Spanking a Child Harmful or Helpful? – Part 3 – Does physical punishment establish the moral righteousness of hitting other persons?

Children's Health, Parenting
Opposition to parents spanking their children has been growing significantly in elite circles over the past few years. And, my blogs on spanking are among the most read of those I publish. Therefore, I’ve decided to, with the help of the research of my friends Den Trumbull, MD, S. DuBose Ravenel, MD, to look a the arguments used against spanking, to see if they hold any water. This is the third of a 12 part series. Argument #2: Physical punishment establishes the moral righteousness of hitting other persons who do something which is regarded as wrong. Counterpoint: According to an investigation by Drs. Trumbull and Ravenel, performed for the Family Research Council, the "spanking teaches hitting" belief has gained in popularity over the past decade, but is not supported by objective…
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