How to Keep Normal Labor Normal – Part 2 – The Costs of Abnormal Labor

Children's Health, Woman's Health
This blog series is designed to help women who are developing a birth plan join together with like-minded birthing professionals so as to have a shorter and safer labor and birth. Today we’ll look at the costs of “abnormal labor.” Although written primarily for professional birth attendants, I hope information will be helpful to lay women planning their birth. The medical literature has many, many articles that discuss the potential risks and costs for not keeping normal labor normal; including: increased dystocia (dysfunctional, abnormal labor), increased fetal distress, and the increase in unnecessary operative deliveries. (1)  Increased dystocia Although, “… dystocia has remained a poorly defined term,”(1) for the purposes of this paper “... dystocia is divided into two major categories. The first category of dystocia, true cephalopelvic disproportion, is characterized…
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