Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Americans continue to confront lawmakers at healthcare town halls

In my August 3 blog, I joined other conservative leaders in encouraging you to be sure to contact your congressmen during their August recess back home. I said, “. . . you have August to attend town hall meetings with your representative and senators, stop by their congressional offices, write letters to the editor of your local paper(s), and educate your friends and family members about the dangers of ObamaCare.” Apparently conservatives have heard the message. And, the initial effect has been dramatic and noticed by the national news media. And, more and more of us are politely, but firmly, letting our elected officials know of our concerns. And, we’re having an effect.

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Federal health officials target sugary drinks as largest driver of obesity epidemic

The Boston Globe is reporting that, according to federal disease investigators, “the cost of treating obesity has doubled in the past decade,” and “sugar-laden beverages” are “a prime culprit.” So, what’s this mean to you? Could this story lead to a “first step” for you and your family to lose weight?

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Under Obamacare bureaucrats would play God

In my blog of three days ago, “One side says no ‘death panel’ in health care bill,” I showed you an Associated Press story that blasted critics of Obamacare who claim that a “death panel” would make life and death decisions if President Barack Obama’s health care plan becomes law. The story’s lead mentioned a Facebook post by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Her inflammatory message spoke of a “death panel” that could determine the fate of her Down Syndrome child. Was she right or wrong?

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