The Lincolnian View of Abortion – Part 1

Once upon a time, I did an ethics paper on "The Lincolnian View of Abortion." I took all of the Lincoln-Douglas, and simply substituted the word "abortion" for the word "slavery." With minimal editing, the Lincoln-Douglas debates could be a debate on abortion today. Here's the third in a series of conversations I'm having with another Family Physician about the issue of abortion. (more…)
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Obesity rate in preschoolers may have finally leveled off!

Children's Health, Nutritional Health, Obesity, Parenting
Finally a good news story about the childhood obesity epidemic. An analysis published in the July 24 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicated that "the prevalence of obesity" in "low-income preschool-aged children ages two to four years old . . . increased from 12.4 percent in 1998 to 14.5 percent in 2003, but rose only to 14.6 percent in 2008." More Information: (more…)
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