Webcast Thursday to Educate Pro-Lifers About the Dangers of Obama’s Health Care

Bioethics, Marriage and Family Health, Medical Economics
There is a coalition of pro-life leaders who are alarmed that we pro-lifers unaware of what is at stake with some of the Health Care Plans being promotoed by President Obama, what they call "Obamacare." I thought you might like to know that they are planning a major webscast for tomorrow, July 23. I recommend you don’t miss it! More Information: (more…)
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Health Myth #8: “Nationalized health care would not impact patient waiting times.”

Bioethics, Medical Economics
This is the eighth in a series of commonly believed health myths based upon the research from Fox News analyst James Farrell. And, it's very interesting to me to hear those in favor of any form of nationalized health insurance (especially "Obamacare") state that the issue of waiting for care in countries with nationalized health care is a "myth." Here is just one fact for your and their consideration. More Information: (more…)
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Hormone therapy for menopause symptoms increases ovarian cancer risk. Should you worry?

Cancer, Woman's Health
I've received questions from women who are taking hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms who are wondering about a flurry of news reports this last week like this one from Bloomberg News: "Women who had hormone therapy for menopause symptoms were more likely to develop ovarian cancer, regardless of the length, formulation, or type of treatment they received." If you or someone you love is on hormone therapy, should you worry? More Information: (more…)
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