Faith-Based Health and Healing – Part 4 – Can Faith be Unhealthy?

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While faith can have positive effects on health, it can also have negative effects. Although religious beliefs are a source of comfort and support for many people, for others they are a source of stress and emotional turmoil. More Information: (more…)
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Study indicates cutting calories may help people lose weight regardless of diet

Children's Health, General Health, Heart Health, Men's Health, Nutritional Health, Obesity, Parenting, Woman's Health
A new study confirms that the type of diet you pick doesn’t matter so much for weight loss; it’s sticking to it that counts.  Researchers compared a low-fat, average protein diet, a low-fat, high protein diet, a high-fat, average protein diet, and a high-fat, high protein diet in 811 middle-aged obese people.  They found that, despite different diets, the groups lost pretty much the same amount of weight (average 13 lbs after 1 year) and slowly started gaining again in the second year.  Risk factors for heart disease improved for all diet groups. More Information: (more…)
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