Why Obama cannot support Abortion and Marijuana

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Our local newspaper, the Gazette, opines, “It seems too good to be true, this new quote from the White House. Unless President Barack Obama denounces it, and humiliates White House Spokesman Nick Shapiro, he must back off his support of the radical pro-abortion Freedom of Choice Act. He must oppose any federal gun ban that might counter a state law. If the statement is true, Obama supports states rights more than federal control.” And this is great news for those who are pro-life. More Information: (more…)
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The mother of octuplets versus her doctor. Who should choose? Whom should society support?

Bioethics, Woman's Health
A recent editorial here in Colorado Springs reported: An unemployed, divorced woman with six children - living with her bankrupt parents in their teensy weensy home - gave birth to eight babies after having fertilized eggs implanted in her uterus. At least one of her older six children has autism. For a variety of reasons, people are scandalized. Most people have religious or moral objections to this multiple birth. It's hard to believe these children will get the care they need without becoming responsibilities of the state. It's hard to imagine they won't suffer.  Yet, as shocking as it sounds, there are many who say that her right to this travesty outweighs her doctor’s right to refuse to participate. Does this make any sense? More Information: (more…)
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