Astounding You Tube Prolife Video Viewed over 250,000 Times in Three Days

Before I tell you about this extraordinarily well-done and astonishing ad, take a look at it here. After you’ve viewed it, read below to learn more about it.

More information: is reporting that a video advertisement, which has been dubbed the “pro-life Obama ad,” has been extremely well received by Americans during the week of President Barack Obama’s inauguration.  The ad has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of time online, and will soon be appearing on major US television networks.

The ad shows an ultrasound of a baby in a womb, while the text explains that during his life the baby’s father will abandon him, and his single mother will struggle to support him.  But, “despite the hardships he will endure,” the ad continues. “This child will become the 1st African American President.”  The ad climaxes with a picture of President Obama and the slogan, “Life. Imagine the Potential.” (See the ad here)

The ad was created by, a project that the Fidelis Center founded in 2008 to educate Americans on the “critical issues in the public policy arena.” During the 2008 Presidential campaign drive, released a highly successful Election film that received almost four million views in just eight weeks.

In a recent letter to subscribers, president of, Brian Burch described how the new ad has been viewed 250,000 times in three days and made the top ten most viewed videos on 

The ad has also already been running on Black Entertainment Television and is soon to be aired on CNN, Fox News, and EWTN.

Burke half-joked that some supporters have been “challenging us to try and air our new ad during the Super Bowl,” but it “may be difficult to raise $3 million in a week.”

“But we do know that our ad is making people stop and think – especially supporters of Barack Obama.  We are convinced that we can make a big difference with this ad campaign,” he continued.

“We must remember that being right isn’t enough. We must find new methods and new ways to express the eternal truths, to new audiences.  We are seizing this historic moment with a powerful message to defend the sanctity of human life,” concluded Burke. 


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