The Truth About 6 Holiday Health Myths

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With the winter holidays gearing up, a duo of doctors is crying "Bah, humbug!" over some seasonal health myths. From poisonous poinsettias to heady heat loss, no holiday health myth is safe. Here are the facts, according to Rachel Vreeman, MD, and Aaron Carroll, MD, who are assistant professors of pediatrics at Indiana University's medical school: More Information: (more…)
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For Pro-Lifers, an Early Christmas Present from President Bush — regulations to protect the conscience rights of healthcare professionals

Bioethics, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
President Bush's days may be numbered, but not his pro-life influence. In a monumental decision that will be felt well into the next administration, the White House-with the cooperation of the Department of Health and Human Services-made good on its promise to protect the faith and conscience of health care workers. Today, the President fulfilled the longstanding request of pro-life healthcare professionals: to issue new rules that reinforce the rights of doctors, pharmacists, technicians, and even receptionists.  More Information: (more…)
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