Pro-abortion Medical Student Learns the Grim Reality about Abortion

Bioethics, Children's Health, Woman's Health
A recent edition of the Washington Post Magazine had a feature about a pro-abortion medical student, Lesley Wojick, deciding whether to become a professional abortionist or not. When Wojick observed an actual abortion, "[t]he patient was in obvious pain. Her screams gave Lesley the chills, and she thought she might throw up." When one woman sought an abortion at 20 weeks, Wojick realized that on her neonatal rotation "she had tried to keep similar-sized babies alive." More Information: (more…)
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Larimore Family Newsletter – November 2008 Edition

General Health
This is a new feature on our blog here at Each month we’ll be putting the Larimore family newsletter here in the blog. The newsletter may include family news, publication updates, broadcast updates, events of the last month, and upcoming events. You can subscribe to this newsletter, at no cost, here.  More Information: (more…)
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