Ten Health Eating Tips for the Holiday Season

General Health, Nutritional Health, Obesity
Here’s an article I wrote for Significant Living magazine on Ten Health Eating Tips for the Holiday Season:   Food is an important part of almost all holidays, celebrations, family reunions, and cultural traditions. And, this is certainly true of the Jewish festivals and Christian holidays. In fact, most special occasions at church center around faith, food, fellowship, friends, and family. Given that some people can consume 3000 to 4000 calories on any given holiday — and, add to that all the calories consumed at parties and social gatherings — it’s no wonder that so many people gain a little (or even a lot of) weight between Thanksgiving and New Years. But, I have good news! It’s not necessary to avoid holiday gatherings in an attempt to maintain or lose weight. Instead, consider…
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Being thankful can make you healthier, happier

General Health, Heart Health, Mental Health
Here’s a excerpt from two of my books, 10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People and God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Person. You can find my books here.  There are many ways to become more highly healthy, but one easy way to begin at this time of the year is with the discipline of giving thanks. Last Thanksgiving, Barb and I sat around the table after a glorious dinner with a small group of family and friends. One of our friends, who was like a second daughter to us, asked us if we could practice a tradition that her family had enjoyed for generations.  “We just go around in a circle,” she explained, “telling each other what we are thankful for. Each time you speak, you can only share one thing…
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Giving thanks isn’t just pious or polite. It’s good for you

General Health
Kim Painter, a columnist for USA Today penned this reminder of the health value of thanksgiving: Thursday, in between the cheese ball appetizers and the pumpkin pie desserts, most of us will indulge in something proven to have powerful health benefits. No, it's not that extra serving of stuffing. It's the expression of gratitude — the simple act of thanking God, thanking others or just counting your blessings. Saying thanks, it turns out, isn't just pious or polite. It's good for you. More Information: (more…)
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