Some medical professionals concerned about Metamucil ad campaign

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The makers of laxatives have a new message for you: “Cleansing your colon is cool, and it could keep your heart healthy and your waistline trim." But, that spin is prompting concerns among doctors and dietitians who see potential for abuse. Especially since a number of consumers have embraced the idea that Metamucil can help them slim down in a hurry by sweeping their colons clean. But, is Metamucil's "Beautify Your Insides" ad campaign healthy or harmful? More Information: (more…)
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Two simple treatments appear effective for sinus sufferers

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The New York Times reports that NeilMed Pharmaceuticals manufactures' Sinus Rinse, "an over-the-counter nasal irrigation product that has relieved millions of sinusitis sufferers from throbbing headaches and the nose-clogging effects of seasonal sinus infections." While "much has been written" about nasal irrigation and the importance of gravity, "with Sinus Rinse ... gravity plays no part, and there is no need to tilt the head. Instead, the user fills the bottle with warm distilled water, mixes in a packet of isotonic sodium solution, and squirts the slightly salted water gently up one nostril until the solution drips out the other side." The process is then repeated with the other nostril. NeilMed Pharmaceuticals also produces a neti pot, which is used by tilting the "head at a 90-degree angle and quite literally"…
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