Did you know the birth control pill can cause abortions?

Bioethics, Marriage and Family Health, Woman's Health
More and more men and women are learning that a number of forms of birth control (including the birth control pill, the IUD, the morning after pill, and progesterone-only pills, shots, and implants) can cause the newly conceived child to fail to implant in the wall of the uterus – and thus can have an abortifacient effect. More Information: (more…)
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Pro-life Pharmacy in Virginia Now Open

Bioethics, Health Headlines, Woman's Health
Several news outlets are reporting on The Divine Mercy Care (DMC) Pharmacy, which opened yesterday in Chantilly VA. The unique pharmacy is a Catholic-run business that gives customers a chance to fill their prescriptions without facing the stacks of condoms, contraceptives, and pornographic magazines that fill typical drugstores. Moreover, DMC does not sell or dispense abortifacient birth control. More Information: (more…)
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