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10 Ways to Prevent Your Child From Catching the Flu

With winter cold comes the flu season, when more time spent indoors means more opportunities for the virus to spread. Some physicians who care for children have had their shipment of flu vaccines for almost two months, and other organizations are pushing influenza prevention through vaccination as well. One of these, Say Boo to the Flu, ties its efforts to Halloween – having children dress up in costume for a night of games where they and their families can get flu shots. But what else can you do to keep to flu virus from infecting your kids?

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10 Foods to Kick a Cold and Boost Your Immunity

Many people, when they are feeling miserable from a cold or the flu, get the urge to gorge on food. But picking the right foods may benefit and even speed healing.

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10 Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Prevention

Looking for ways to cut your risk of developing cancer? Here’s a list of 10 diet and activity recommendations highlighted this week in Chicago at the annual meeting of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) that can dramatically reduce your risk of developing cancer.

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10 Diet Myths

True or false: You’ll get fat if you eat at night, high fructose corn syrup makes you gain weight, and caffeine is bad for you. Those are all diet myths that got busted today in Chicago at the American Dietetic Association’s annual meeting.

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Children of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Want to Know Why Their Parents Aren’t Married

Angelina Jolie says her children are asking why she and Brad Pitt aren’t married. According to CitizenLink, the 33-year-old actress told Italian Vanity Fair the kids want to know why Shrek and Fiona, characters from the movie Shrek, got married and she and Pitt haven’t.

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Do you lie to your doctor? If so, it could cost you your life.

Have you ever lied to your doctor? Even a little “white lie”? Perhaps fibbed about how much you drink or exercise, or how healthily you eat? As harmless as they may seem, doctors say those little white lies can lead to serious health risks, including misdiagnosis.

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How to decrease the wait for your doctor’s appointment

To kill time in the obstetrician’s waiting room, Lora Jacobsen and her husband, Dustin, discuss names for their future child. Then they read old parenting magazines left in the waiting room. As the minutes tick by — 30 then 45 then more than 60 — they play games and check e-mail on their cell phones. What can they do to reduce their wait?

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Doctors Admit the Obvious: You Can’t Get a Live Organ from a Dead Body

In a remarkably candid article about organ donation in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), a doctor and a bioethicist have made the unnerving observation that, in cases involving vital organs, many “donors” may not actually be dead at the time their organs are taken from them. While this statement corroborates the view of many pro-life groups, scientists, and physicians, it is likely to be news to the general public.

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Did you know the birth control pill can cause abortions?

More and more men and women are learning that a number of forms of birth control (including the birth control pill, the IUD, the morning after pill, and progesterone-only pills, shots, and implants) can cause the newly conceived child to fail to implant in the wall of the uterus – and thus can have an abortifacient effect.

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Pro-life Pharmacy in Virginia Now Open

Several news outlets are reporting on The Divine Mercy Care (DMC) Pharmacy, which opened yesterday in Chantilly VA. The unique pharmacy is a Catholic-run business that gives customers a chance to fill their prescriptions without facing the stacks of condoms, contraceptives, and pornographic magazines that fill typical drugstores. Moreover, DMC does not sell or dispense abortifacient birth control.

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If you think your child’s weight is normal, you may be wrong

As I point out in my book, SuperSized Kids: How To Protect Your Child from the Obesity Threat, and on my SuperSized Kids Website, many parents overlook their child’s unhealthy weight because they believe it is normal, research suggests. Now, another study proves my point.

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Foods And Medications You Shouldn’t Mix

If you’re taking particular prescription medications, they may not be as effective as they could be if you eat certain foods. That’s because of the way those drugs interact with the foods.

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Obama’s Abortion Extremism Unrecognized by Many Voters

Barack Obama is the most extreme pro-abortion candidate ever to seek the office of President of the United States. He is the most extreme pro-abortion member of the United States Senate. Indeed, he is the most extreme pro-abortion legislator ever to serve in either house of the United States Congress. Yet there are Catholics and Evangelicals-even self-identified pro-life Catholics and Evangelicals – who aggressively promote Obama’s candidacy and even declare him the preferred candidate from the pro-life point of view. 

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Cold medicines and children: a dangerous mix?

As the seasons change and parents reach for over-the-counter cold medicine for their icky-feeling children, they may be baffled by new instructions: Do not give them to kids under 4. Drug companies recently announced they are voluntarily changing the labels for OTC cold and cough medicines in a nod to pediatricians long arguing they do little good and aren’t worth the risks.

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Tips on giving over-the-counter cold (OTC) medications to children over 4 years old.

Drug companies recently announced they are voluntarily changing the labels for OTC cold and cough medicines in a nod to the arguments from physicians who care for children that these medications may have significant risks, even for children over age 4, if not given correctly. So, what’s a parent to do?

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The War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

As part of recent coverage on lowering abortion rates, Time magazine highlighted the role of the pregnancy center when it wrote, “(There is) evidence that the quiet campaign for women’s hearts and minds, conducted in thousands of crisis pregnancy centers around the country, on billboards, phone banks and Web sites is having an effect.” But if abortion rights supporters such as Planned Parenthood and others have their way, centers like LifeCare won’t be available for women like Samantha.

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You’re NOT going to believe this! Planned Parenthood Offers Walk-in Abortions With Webcam Doctor!!

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is, believe it or not, now offering no appointment, walk-in abortions at its clinics without a physician on site. How will they do this? By offering dangerous RU-486 chemical abortions at all of their locations, with a Des Moines-based abortionist consulting by webcam.

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Pregnancy Centers Could Face National Attack if Barack Obama Wins

Pregnancy centers across the country that provide women with abortion alternatives, and save the lives of countless unborn children each year, could be shut down or face severe regulations if Barack Obama wins next month. That’s because a bill targeting pregnancy centers could easily be approved in a pro-abortion Congress and land on Obama’s desk.

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“Safer prenatal Down’s syndrome test” will likely result in more deaths among unborn children

A new prenatal blood test may, in the near future, be used to determine if an unborn baby has Down’s syndrome without the risk to the unborn child posed by invasive testing methods such as amniocentesis. But, my fear is that this test will actually cause the death of many unborn children.

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Vending Machines with Unhealthy Food Found in Most Middle Schools – Dr. Walt offers solutions for parents

Three-quarters of middle schools have vending machines where snacks and sugared drinks are sold, a new study finds. The research demonstrates that there are vending machines in most middle schools, and “that those vending machines don’t always have the healthiest choices,” said study author Amy Virus, a registered dietitian with the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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Study Agrees with Dr. Walt – St. John’s Wort effective for depression – with caveats!

The herbal remedy St. John’s Wort effectively treats symptoms of major depression, an analysis of previous studies found on Wednesday. St. John’s Wort extracts tested in the different trials were better than placebos and as effective as standard antidepressants with fewer side effects, the researchers reported in the Cochrane review, a journal that analyses medical and scientific studies.

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Parents fret needlessly over fever

Parents, do you suffer from fever phobia? Have you ever:

• Awakened a sleeping child to take his or her temperature?

• Chased down a running, giggling but slightly feverish child with a dose of Tylenol?

• Forced a whimpering, shivering, miserable child to endure a sponge bath?

If you answered yes to those questions, you may have fever phobia – a common malady, first named by exasperated physicians who care for children back in the 1980s. 

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Mental health parity bill becomes law

The New York Times reports, “More than one-third of all Americans will soon receive better insurance coverage for mental-health treatments because of a new law that, for the first time, requires equal coverage of mental and physical illnesses.” 

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