Daily Archives: September 15, 2008

Why Your Doctor Needs The Fundamental Right to Refuse


There’s an excellent opinion piece in the LA Times titled, “The Fundamental Right to Refuse.” It’s by a ‘pro-choice atheist,’ who articulates that the present battle over conscience rights in healthcare is not only a fight for faith freedoms, but also a fight to preserve some of the most cherished unalienable rights on which western civilization and our republic was founded.

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Archbishop, Rabbi, Physician Group Condemn Efforts to Curb Ontario Physician Conscience Rights

LifeSiteNews.com reported that last Friday was marked the deadline for public comment on the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeon’s draft policy that seeks to prohibit medical professionals from obeying their consciences. In light of this, several prominent parties have made concerted efforts to condemn the proposed policy that, if put into effect, will force medical professionals to “set aside their personal beliefs” and take part in grievous anti-life practices.

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10 Ways to Stay Flu-Free

ABC News is reporting, that with flu season less than a month away, it isn’t too soon to take steps to protect yourself from influenza. And, since the flu can knock you out for a couple of weeks, catching it can be a setback. Simply watching out for co-workers who have it probably won’t be enough, as they can contract the flu and pass it along well before symptoms show up.

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