Daily Archives: September 12, 2008

If religious faith is important to you, how should you take a spiritual history of your doctor?

The better your spiritual health, the more likely you are to experience improved physical, mental, emotional, and relational health outcomes. Therefore, finding a healthcare professional that shares your spiritual foundation and practice can be critical. But, how can you do this? 

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If religious faith is important to you, how should you talk to your doctor about your beliefs in God?

A recent study found that many Americans believe in divine intervention in a medical crisis. Other research shows that religious faith is important to a majority of Americans. So, if religious faith is important to you, is it okay to ask for a doctor with similar convictions? Or, if you believe in miracles, should you make sure your health providers know it?

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Spiritual Beliefs Part of Health Care for Many

HealthDay News is reporting that although you might expect the eye doctor’s office to be the last place you would have a discussion about spirituality, recent research suggests that most people would appreciate such a conversation.

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