Adult Stem Cells Treat Lung Disease is reporting that two Canadians have been injected with a genetically modified version of their own adult stem cells in an attempt to cure pulmonary hypertension, a rare, debilitating lung disease. The procedure, which has successfully cured rats with pulmonary hypertension, has halted the progress of the disease in the patients. The first patient, who has had the disease for 13 years, is reporting no ill effects from the treatment and has seen her condition improve.

My Take?

As I said in this blog on Monday:

This is just another in an ever lengthening list of diseases that are or will be treated with adult, placental, or umbilical stem cells. And the list grows and grows.

In the meantime, embryonic stem cell research, which requires the destruction (murder) of unborn children (in the embryonic stage), has not helped a single human anywhere.

There’s simply no reason to continue to poor good money after bad – and then reduce the experimental money available for life-saving adult stem cell research.

Now, add another human disease to the list.


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