Final Report from Myanmar Team

International Health, Medical Missions
Now that a team of courageous family physicians is safely out of Myanmar, I can release to you their report of their trip. The team of Christian family physicians and other healthcare professionals originated at the only Christian Family Medicine Residency Program in the U.S., the In His Image Residency, out of Tulsa, OK. Here’s an exciting report from my dear friend, Lawrence Lee, M.D.: (more…)
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Vaccine Myth #7: Vaccines Weaken the Immune System

Children's Health, Parenting
Natural infection with certain viruses can weaken the immune system. So when children are infected with one virus, they can’t fight off other viruses or bacteria as easily. This happens most notably during natural infection with chicken pox or measles. Children infected with chicken pox are susceptible to certain bacterial infections (MRSA or flesh-eating bacteria, for example). Children infected with measles are more susceptible to bacterial infections (resulting in sepsis) of the bloodstream. But vaccines are different. (more…)
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