Are chimps persons? Do plants have human dignity? Soon, they might!

A couple of amazing bioethics stories caught my attention this Memorial Day weekend -- a holiday in which we celebrate and honor the sacrifice of incredibly brave men and women who fought across Europe and the Pacific for our freedom and liberty.  Now there are those fighting for freedom and liberty for animals and even plants. Count this blog in the "you-won't-believe-this" category. (more…)
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Remembering my Dad on Memorial Day

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It wasn’t until after his death, in 2003, that my brothers and I learned of our father’s bravery and courage in World War II. Philip B. "Larry" Larimore, Jr., fought in Italy, France, and Germany, before losing his leg – and almost his life. Awarded three Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, two Silver Stars, and the Distinguished Service Cross, he ended his service as the Executive Officer for the Honor Garrison at Arlington Cemetery and Ft. Myers. I remember the admiration my dad had for President Ronald Reagan and how much my dad appreciated a speech the President delivered at Pointe du Hoc, France, where U.S. Rangers fought an incredible battle to reclaim Europe from the evil of fascism. (more…)
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