Does the MMR vaccine cause autism? A redux.

Children's Health, Parenting
The LA Times ran an article today about the ongoing controversy over the fear that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. Because of this fear, there are parents who have chosen not to give their children this life-saving vaccine. As a result, the Times reports that some in the research and medical community "are worried about" potential outbreaks that could be "fueled by clusters of people who are not vaccinated as a matter of choice, rather than access." (more…)
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Could your Obstetrician-Gynecologist be decertified for being pro-life?

Bioethics, Woman's Health
The Christian Medical Association (disclaimer: I am a lifetime member of the CMA) has been leading the way in the national fight to protect the right of prolife physicians (and healthcare professionals) to choose to not perform or refer for abortions and other morally objectionable procedures and prescriptions. But, according to the CMA, recent events may lead to ob-gyns possibly losing their board certification simply for refusing to refer a woman to an abortionist. Here’s an article by by friend, Jon Imbody, that explains this unimaginable possibility: (more…)
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