Be Careful Using a Neti Pot Everyday

Nasal Irrigation using “neti pots” or rinse bottles are often used to clear the sinuses, soothe cold and allergy symptoms, and decrease sinus infections. But now preliminary research suggests that chronic use might actually INCREASE the risk for sinus infections.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD, one of my most favorite web sites for trustworthy information on herbs, vitamins, and supplements), researchers suspect that chronic irrigation might alter normal nasal secretions and wash away protective immune mediators.

But some experts think that contaminated neti pots and rinse bottles might also contribute to increasing infections.

So, here are my recommendations:

  • Use boiled, bottled, or distilled water in the neti pot for irrigating.
  • Wash your neti pot with hot soapy water after every use and never to share them with other people.
  • If you are using a rinse bottle, switch to a new bottle monthly.
  • And, if you continue to get frequent nasal infections, consider a trial off irrigation to see if that helps.
  • Also, consider limiting nasal irrigation to once or twice daily to minimize irritation.
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4 Responses to Be Careful Using a Neti Pot Everyday

  1. Anna Begum says:

    i have been suffering from sinusitis for so many years and i can only relieve the stuffiness of the nose by means of decongestants.

  2. Alfie Davies says:

    There are also some alternative medicines that you can try for sinusitis. I have tried some herbal stuffs and it is good for relieving sinusitis too.

  3. Dr. Walt says:

    Alfie, other than “nasal irrigation,” (i.e., the Neti Pot), the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database lists the following as “possibly effective” for sinusitis: Cowslip, Elderflower, Gentian, Sorrel, and Verbena. I’m not recommending any of these, as I have no experience with them. But, they are the ones listed.

  4. Jennifer Giraldi says:

    Thanks for the recommedations Dr.Walt. I have been using a Neti Pot for about 6 months now and love it! It is truly a life-changing experience for people who suffer from horrible sinus problems. I use it everyday and have never had any problems!

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