A Murder and A New Doctor — Bryson City Tales Begin Tomorrow

In case you missed the announcement last week — here it is again: A serialized version of my first best-seller, Bryson City Tales, starts here tomorrow. Let your family and friends know!

Of the 32 books I’ve had the joy of writing, my favorite, and still the best selling of them all, is Bryson City Tales.

You can read more about it below, but I wanted to let you know that I’ll be publishing some of my favorite parts of the book each Friday starting tomorrow, on April 1 (no fooling!).

I hope that you’ll enjoy going back to Bryson City with me.

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This is from Amazon.com:

Captivating stories of how a young doctor’s first year of medical practice in the Smoky Mountains shaped his practice of life and faith The little mountain hamlet of Bryson City, North Carolina, offers more than dazzling vistas. 

For Walt Larimore, a young “flatlander” physician setting up his first practice, the town presents its peculiar challenges as well. 

With the winsomeness of a James Herriott book, Bryson City Tales sweeps you into a world of colorful characters, the texture of Smoky Mountain life, and the warmth, humor, quirks, and struggles of a small country town. 

It’s a world where the family doctor is also the emergency physician, the coroner, and the obstetrician, and where wilderness medicine is part of the job, search-and-rescue calls in the national forest are a way of life, and the next patient just may be somebody’s livestock or pet. 

Bryson City Tales is the tender and insightful chronicle of a young man’s rite of passage from medical student to family physician. 

Laughter and adventure await you in these pages, and lessons learned from Bryson City’s unforgettable residents.

By the way, the book has led so many folks to actually travel to and visit Bryson City, that the Chamber of Commerce has created a brochure to help folks find where their favorite scenes from the book took place. You can see that brochure here.

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6 Responses to A Murder and A New Doctor — Bryson City Tales Begin Tomorrow

  1. Carroll Stevenson says:

    Hey Walt
    Carroll Stevenson here. I read your first book and enjoyed your colorful description of your time in BrysonCity . Thanks for the kind words, Glad to here you have done well. I have moved back to the mountains, in Franklin. Been retired for several years, I have always been thankful that you were in Bryson when I ripped both ham strings water skiing.

  2. Dr. Walt says:


    SO great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. They are a blessing. And, you might be interested in knowing that there are 2 more Bryson City books (Bryson City Seasons and Bryson City Secrets). In addition, I’ve written two novels set in the Bryson City area in the 1920’s that you might enjoy: Hazel Creek and Sugar Fork. Last, but not least, if you are ever out Colorado Springs way, let me know. Would absolutely love to spend some time with you.


  3. B Jean Arnold says:

    Hi Dr Walt,
    I can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you, although have read all 3 of your Bryson City books. My mother grew up in her younger years in Bryson City and her father, my grandfather, and his 2 brothers worked onthe railroad out of Bryson City back in the early 1930s. Their last name is Lackey and we frequent the area when we go back to NC. Where can someone purchase either paperback or hard copy of your books? I had a copy oa all 3 and have loaned out and now am missing one of them. Good Lord Bless You and Keep You –

  4. Dr. Walt says:

    B Jean,

    Thanks for the note. And, of course, when I was in Bryson City, there were still a bunch of Lackeys around the area.

    Also, you might be interested in the two novels I wrote about the Bryson City area that are set in the 1920’s and 30’s. The titles are “Hazel Creek” and “Sugar Fork.” I hope you enjoy them.

    Dr. Walt

  5. Fannie Wiggins says:

    Dr. Walt. I have you to thank for 5 of my 6 grandchildren. If you had not correctly diagnosed Margaret’s Rheumatic Fever, I think there would have been more damage to her heart. She married a Marine and has 4 boys and a girl. She is a novelist and stay at home Mom. I am also happy that you were my doctor. I enjoy all your books. Thank you for all you did for my family.

  6. Fannie,

    Thanks for the update on Margaret and your kind words. They are a blessing to me. Under what name does she write? Also, my 32nd book, “Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You” will be out August 6. Blessings.

    Dr. Walt

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