A Christian Healthcare Worker’s Response to COVID-19

I was delighted to join about 30 other Christian healthcare professionals in writing the just-released ebook “A Christian Healthcare Worker’s Response to COVID-19.”

The ebook was produced by my dear friend, Will Rogers, and his team at Medical Missions. The ebook is free and available here.

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My chapter, “How COVID-19 Presents Unique Opportunities To Share The Gospel,” is on page 17.

Will Rogers writes:

Times like these are rare, but they also present such an incredible opportunity for us to share the light of Christ in a way that may not be as easily shared. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to rethink so many things in life, especially for those on the front lines serving others in these times.

We have a unique responsibility in times like this to bring together the many voices of the healthcare missions movement (through things like the Global Missions Health Conference) and to offer up world-class thoughts, examples, stories, and best practices.

This resource has been carefully created with contributions from over 30 authors to speak directly into the heart of our current circumstances and to write specifically to you as a healthcare professional.

The WIN for this ebook is that you feel encouraged, challenged, and connected to a wealth of wisdom and strategies for how best to engage as a Christian healthcare professional.

You have a gifting and a skill that can reach into the deepest parts of another person, and it’s in times like this where you have an extraordinary opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone in need.

Enjoy this free ebook and join our online discussion group to stay connected, read stories, share stories, and learn more.

Thanks for downloading it!

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