THE END: Today ends my health news blog

It has been a joy for me to provide this blog about “medical news you can use” and “health news you need to know” for the last decade. But, alas, I must bring the blog to an end as of today.Because I’m doing less work in the area of medical journalism, and devoting more time to missions work and writing, I need to take the significant time it takes to prepare this twice-a-day blog for you and devote it to these other endeavors.

I will still continue to post a monthly family newsletter, as well as use the blog to post information about new books, writing projects, and speaking engagements.

Most of all, I hope this work has been a benefit to you. And, I wish for you and yours a most joyous Christmas season.

Dr. Walt

6 thoughts on “THE END: Today ends my health news blog

  • Shawna

    Sad to see this go. But I’m very excited that you are getting more and more involved in medical missions and writing! Your future continues to be bright as you follow Christ’s lead. We’ll be watching for your newsletter each month and are praying for you guys!

  • Hate to see you go, as you could always be trusted to tell the truth on health issues. I am not sure where to turn for this information now. There is so much garbage on the web. Best of luck with your missions work and writing. God bless!

  • jrh0

    Dang! I only just found you today, and from what I’ve read, your blog is authoritative. Sad to see you leaving. I hope I will still be able to read your archive!

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