Snoring in children linked to later behavior problems

New research suggests that “children who snore more than twice a week at ages two and three are nearly four times more likely to develop behavioral problems later in life.”

The CNN “The Chart” blog reports, “Researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center studied 249 children, surveying their mothers about their youngsters’ sleeping habits.”

The Time “Healthland” blog reports, “Most children (170, or 68% of the group) were classified as non-snorers; their mothers reported them snoring only rarely at both age 2 and 3. Fifty-seven kids (23%) fell into the ‘transient’ snoring category, snoring loudly at least twice a week at either age 2 or 3, but not at both time points,” while “a smaller number of children (22, or 9% of the group) snored persistently, two or more times a week at age 2 and 3.”

The Los Angeles Times “Booster Shots” blog reports that the study, published in Pediatrics, “found that children who snore persistently at 2 and 3 years of age were rated by their caregivers as more difficult, with behavior that tended toward hyperactive, inattentive, irritable and depressed.”

The CBS News “HealthPop” blog reports, Previous research, published in March of this year and also in Pediatrics, tied snoring and mouth-breathing – dubbed ‘sleep-disordered breathing’ – in kids ages 6 to 7-months-old to a higher risk of developing behavioral problems by the time they were between 4 and 7-years-old.”

On its website, ABC News reports, “Sleep experts say parents who have kids who snore loudly and persistently should inform their pediatricians as soon as they can.”

WebMD reports, “Researchers don’t know exactly how snoring at ages 2 and 3 increases the risk for behavioral problems. But poor-quality sleep is likely at least partly responsible.”

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