Larimore Family Newsletter – October 2012

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter:

  • Family Update
  • 1)   Kate’s Engaged!
  • Broadcast Update
  • 1)   Family Talk Interview on Bryson City Secrets with Walt, Barb, Kate, and Scott
  • 2)   Family Talk Interview on The Ultimate Boys Body Book
  • Publication Updates
  • 1)   My newest novel, Sugar Fork, releases TODAY
  • 2)   Article: Natural Medications for Arthritis
  • 3)   I hope you’ll let your friends know about my new on-line devotional
  • 4)   Several of my books are on sale
  • Events of the Last Month
  • Upcoming Events

Family Update 

Fall is definitely in the air here in Colorado Springs. The leaves are turning into beautiful yellows, golds, and reds, and before we know it, the countdown begins for “how many shopping days until Christmas!” I must confess, I’m not ready for the “Holidaze.”

Well, today was one on the most exciting of my life … a big day in the Larimore family history! Here’s why: For the last 30 or so years, I’ve been praying for the person God had chosen to be Kate’s husband. I had a list of prayers that I prayed for him almost on a daily basis.

I finally met him in June of this year. His name is Charles Ritz, II. Barb and I like him a great deal and have grown very fond of him.

Today, at the Focus on the Family Bookstore (where Kate works), he knelt on one knee, in front of God, Kate, some of Kate’s best friends, and a man and woman who have prayed for him for over a quarter of a century, to ask her if she’d married him.

There were tears all around as Kate said, “Yes!” He then placed a family heirloom ring from Barb’s mom on Kate’s finger. We’ve never seen her so excited or happy. We’ll let you know the details as they arise.

Broadcast Update

1) Family Talk Interview on Bryson City Secrets

One of the most difficult radio interviews that my family or I have ever done was when Dr. James Dobson interviewed us a few years ago about an incident of sexual abuse that happened in our family in the early 1980’s.

As a family, we were forced to resurrect the terrible events of the abuse about a decade ago. And, finally, with the insistence of Kate and Scott, and the support of Barb and the publisher, I wrote about the events in the last of my Bryson City books, Bryson City Secrets.

When Focus on the Family first aired the in interviews, several years ago, the outpouring of calls and letters from around the globe was overwhelming. The program was one of the top three that FOTF aired that and the next year.

Now that Dr. Dobson has left FOTF, he has asked us for permission to re-air the two-day program on his new radio program, Family Talk. I hope you’ll take the time to listen in.

You can find a list of local stations, as well as stream or download the program, at the Family Life Web sites: here or here.

If you want one to order one of theBryson City Secrets books:

  • You can order autographed copies here.
  • You can read reviews of the book here.
  • You can order discount copies of the book on Amazon, B&N, or CBN.
  • You can download the Kindle edition here.
  • You can download the Nook edition here.

2) Family Talk Interview on The Ultimate Boys Body Book

I was pleased to be interviewed by my friend, Dr. James Dobson, the founder and president of Family Talk, on his national radio program, Family Talk, about my new book, The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book: Not-so-stupid questions about your body. The two-days of interview were broadcast on September 20-21.

The influence of Dr. Dobson is obviously considerable, as overnight the book became an best seller:

  • #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Children’s Nonfiction > Science, Nature & How It Works > Health > Maturing
  • #2 in Books > Children’s Books > Science, Nature & How It Works > Health > Maturing
  • #8 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children’s eBooks > Science, Nature & How It Works > Health
  • #8 in Books > Children’s Books > Religions > Christianity
  • #8 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Children’s & Teens
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,660 in Books

Here’s a description of the program:

Parents, do you get nervous every time your young boy asks a question about his development? Does the fear of that important conversation lead you to run the other way? Hear from Dr. Walt Larimore as he highlights some not-so-stupid questions about a boy’s growing body. Tune in to learn how to play a vital role in the developmental stage of your child’s life.

  • You can hear or download PART 1 here.
  • You can hear of download PART 2 here.

If you want one to order one of the books for a special young man in your life:

  • You can order autographed copies of the book here.
  • You can read reviews of the book on here.
  • You can download the Kindle edition here.
  • You can download the Nook edition here.

Publishing Updates

1) Sugar Fork releases today

For those of you who enjoyed my first solo novel, Hazel Creek, the sequel, Sugar Fork, is being released nationally today. The novel continues the adventures of Abbie Randolph and her family in the wilderness of the Smoky Mountains wilderness in the 1920’s. 

Here’s a paragraph from a wonderful review of the book:

I easily rate this one a perfect 5 out of 5 stars and am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more in this delightful series! This book is scheduled for release in October of this year, but I know you’ll want to make sure that this one goes on your must reads for the fall! Time to fall in love all over again and see how you would weather the storms that are on the horizon for Abbie and her family!

You can read the whole review here.

You can purchase an autographed copy here, while discount books or e-books can be ordered at Amazon, B&N, or CBD.

2) Natural Medications for Arthritis

Long-time readers know that I have a column, “Ask Dr. Walt,” in the national magazine, Significant Living. This month’s article is on “Natural Medications for Osteoarthritis.” You can see the article here.

The last page of the article, has a side-bar on “Diet Considerations” and “Finding the Right Kind of Glucosamine.” You can find these side-bars here.

Also, in the November 2012 digital edition of Significant Living, you will find a number of other great articles:

  • Former Growing Pains and Fireproof star, Kirk Cameron, challenges America to a Monumental task: returning to her roots and to her former greatness. (pg. 30)
  • Liberty University cofounder Elmer Towns shares his greatest achievement: Paint the Church in a Day? — How sprucing up an aging church building brought a congregation and pastor together. (pg. 20)
  • Teenager, Austin Gutwein, wanted to make a difference in the lives of AIDS orphans around the world. The organization he founded — Hoops of Hope — is doing just that, one free-throw at a time. (pg. 26)
  • Your vote does make a difference. Find out how — and learn where you can get the latest information on the upcoming elections in V-O-T-E! (pg. 42)
  • Susan Sundwall’s Heirloom Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Try these palette-pleasing, heartwarming concoctions yourself and then pass them on to your own children. (pg. 35)

If you’d like to subscribe to Significant Living, you can check out the details here. I think it’s a great magazine and enjoy reading it when it comes out, every other month.

You can also order an autographed copy of my best-selling book, Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook here.

3) I hope you’ll let your family and friends know about my new on-line devotional

I’ve begun a free on-line devotional. It’s called Morning Glory, Evening Grace, which is released twice a day—once in the morning and again in the evening.

You can learn more about the devotional here and you can sign up to receive a twice-a-day email notice of each devotional.

4) Several of My Books Are On Sale

A number of my autographed books are on sale at my online bookstore. What better gift to give to a friend than a personalized and autographed book? It’s a great way to get a jump on the Christmas season. You can find those that are on sale here. Be sure to click on “books” to see them all.

Events of the last month

  • Aug 28-Sep 2, Barb was in Baton Rouge with her mom. They rode out the ravages of Hurricane Isaac no worse for the wear and still had a great visit.
  • Sep 5, Barb and I flew to Atlanta to spend a day with son, Scott, and his beautiful family.
  • Sep 6-9, Barb and I were in Bryson City, NC, for the Horace Kephart Days celebrations and the world-release of my newest novel, Sugar Fork. I signed hundreds of copies of the book, met some wonderful people, and enjoyed visits with a bunch of old friends and patients.
  • Sep 10-11, we were back in Decatur, GA, to visit our son, Scott, and his family. We always enjoy our time with the “Atlanta Larimores.”
  • Sep 12-15, I was in Elkhart, IN, to attend the International Board Meeting of HCJB Global. This Board is composed of a wonderful group of Godly men and women. I’m pleased to be counted in their number.
  • Sep 12-19, Barb was back in Baton Rouge with her mom. They had a great time together and Barb finds herself cherishing these visits more and more.
  • Sep 28-30, we had a wonderful weekend at the French Lick Resort in central Kentucky where Barb and I taught at a spiritual formation retreat for physicians and their spouses from the St. Mary’s Medical Center of Evansville, IN. My, oh my, what a wonderful and plush old resort. After teaching Friday night and Saturday morning. We had the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday to wander the resort, enjoy some delicious food, a revel in the history and architecture of the place. Well worth the trip.

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 3-7, we’ll be in Chicago. I’ll be attending the AMA RUC meetings and Barb will be exercising her spiritual gift of shopping. We love downtown Chicago, especially in the fall and are looking forward to some quality time together.
  • Oct 9-12, I’ll be a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, OK. I visit the residency four times a year, and never fail to be blessed by the residents, faculty, and staff.
  • Oct 16-18, I’ll fly to Philadelphia, PA. I’ve been asked by my friend, Jeff Cain, MD, to offer the invocation at his installation as the President of the American Academy of Family Physicians. I’m deeply honored to do so.
  • Oct 17-24, Barb will be in Baton Rouge visiting with and serving her mom.
  • Oct 19, I’ll fly to Salt Lake City and give a Keynote Address at the Annual Fundraising Banquet for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake.
  • Oct 20-21, I’ll drive to Ogden and that evening give the Keynote Address at the Annual Fundraising Banquet for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Ogden. I’ll fly home Sunday.
  • Oct 25, I’ll be teaching a webinar for homeschooling parents.
  • Oct 27, I’ll be speaking at the Annual Fundraising Banquet for the Life Network of Colorado Springs.

Past Issues

You can get more information on many of my upcoming events here.


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