Dr. Walt Mentioned in Reformed Seminary Newsletter

I had a nice mention in the Reformed Theological Seminary Newsletter that I thought you might like to see.


Walt Larimore M.D., is one of America’s best-known family physicians. Dr. Larimore practiced 4 years in the Smoky Mountains before moving to Central Florida to practice for 16 years. In 2001 the Larimores relocated to Colorado where Dr. Larimore is now an author, educator, and medical journalist. He serves on the adjunct family medicine faculty of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver and the In His Image Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a frequent guest about family health topics on a wide variety of television and radio programs and has appeared on The Today Show, CBS’s Morning Show, several Fox News programs and CNN.

Larimore is also a former member of the RTS President’s Council and long-term friend of RTS.


Something new he is doing now is publishing a free, on-line, twice-a-day topical devotion called “Morning Glory, Evening Grace.” Each short devotion is composed of God’s Word using Bible verses carefully organized together. An explanation of and defense of the method can be found here. View the devotional’s home page, and sign up for email notifications here.

Larimore says, “I’m hopeful that church leaders will recommend it to their congregations so that folks can all be reading and meditating upon the same scriptures each day.”


He has also written a novel titled Hazel Creek. Click here to read more about the book.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Walt Mentioned in Reformed Seminary Newsletter

  • Nina Sue,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. They are an encouragement and affirmation. If you’d be willing, would love you to leave a 5-star review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CBD. Let me know if you need help.

    All is well here. Love to you and the kids.


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