Survey: Nearly all orthopedic surgeons order unnecessary tests

HealthDay reports, “A shocking new national survey suggests that nearly all orthopedic surgeons may order unnecessary tests, referrals or hospitalizations to avoid being sued, to the tune of $2 billion a year.”

MedPage Today reports, “The survey, which had responses from 1,241 orthopedic surgeons from across the country, indicated that large numbers of procedures and consultations were mainly aimed at reducing physicians’ exposure to liability suits.”

Researchers found that “19% to more than 44% of imaging studies and lab tests” were “largely defensive.”

Meanwhile, “survey respondents indicated that liability concerns had driven 7% of their hospital admission,” one of the researchers “told attendees at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ annual meeting.”

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3 Responses to Survey: Nearly all orthopedic surgeons order unnecessary tests

  1. John Hartman says:

    On another note , the Ortho guys here are starting to use PRP to help mainly tendon and ligament problems and , to a lesser degree, joint injections so as to avoid invasive surgery. Call me if you want to hear stories about Vic Politano and/or Shaquille O’Neal.

  2. John, I blogged on PRP here. Let me know what you think.

  3. Fannie Wiggins says:

    I had both knees and a shoulder replaced this past year. The only extra test was an MRI on my shoulder to see if the rotator cuff was torn. This was todetermine whether to do the standard or reverse replacement. Other than that, just regular x-rays in the office. BTW, all 3 surgeries were very successful.

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