Lack of sleep linked to obesity in teens

In my book, SuperSized Kids: How to protect your child from the obesity threat, I explain to parents how there are three keys to prevent or treat overweight or obesity in children and teens: (1) better nutrition, (2) physical exercise, and (here’s the surprise!) better sleep!

The idea that better sleep can improve a person’s weight seems to shock many parents. Here’s more information to support my teachin.

HealthDay reports, “Teens who don’t get enough sleep may find themselves putting on extra pounds,” according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians.

Investigators looked at data on more than 100 males and nearly 150 females at a single high school in Texas. The researchers found that the “average body mass index (BMI) … was 3.8 percent higher for males who slept 7 hours or less on weekdays than for those who slept more than 7 hours, and 4.7 percent higher for females who slept 7 hours or less on weekdays than for those who slept more than 7 hours.”

The investigators “also noted that getting less than 8 hours sleep per night was associated with obesity in male teens, with the fewest hours of weekday sleep associated with the highest BMI.”

So, how can you help you child get better sleep? Get a copy of my book, which is currently on sale here. It will help you!

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