Today’s the Day! New Book Release!!!

I’m so grateful and excited … for today is the national release day for my latest (and 33rd) book, #TheBestMedicine.

Already an #1 new release . . .

. . . it already has over 60 5-star reviews on GoodReads. I hope you’ll read it, and even more that it will be a blessing to you.

In Christian publishing, there are few authors better known than Jerry B. Jenkins, who co-authored the world-famous “Left Behind” book series. With 21 New York Times bestsellers (seven debuting at #1) and 220 books with over 70 million copies sold, he has become one of the most commercially successful writers of our time – Christian or secular. So, one might guess he’d be a pretty good judge of books. Here’s the Foreword he wrote for my next book, “The Best Medicine: Tales of Humor and Hope from a Small-Town Doctor”:

Don’t let the homey title and subtitle fool you. While Dr. Walt Larimore’s curl-up-by-the-fire memoir may have elements that remind you of British veterinarian James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small, it bears a significance all its own.

Dr. Walt is a physician, not a vet. And while he may have earned his chops in small-town medicine, he went on to become one of the most celebrated family doctors in the U.S.

But the difference goes much deeper. Oh, The Best Medicine has all the warmth and humor of All Creatures… and you can dip into it anywhere for a quick, fun read. Funny and heartwarming stories abound but be careful. You might be looking for a feel-good anecdote and land on a convicting example of personal transparency.

Walt Larimore is nothing if not a storyteller. As a friend of many years, he’s regaled me (and a handful of fellow writers in a local accountability group) with all manner of tales. And it’s clear he loves telling these as much as we enjoy hearing them.

But Dr. Walt is also self-effacing and brutally honest about his own humanity—despite all the accolades that pepper his exhaustive résumé. He was not always the best husband, having to face—and fix—the reality that he allowed his work to interfere with both his spiritual life and his home life.

You couldn’t tell that from his active faith and nearly half-century marriage today, but his openness about his early failures seasons this book with a sobering reality.

You’ll love it, but beware: it’s more than fun homespun stories of small-town medicine. You may see yourself in its mirror, yet trust me, you’ll be the better for it in the end.

I’m so astonished and grateful for his endorsement and kind words.



2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day! New Book Release!!!

  • Kent Petrie

    Congratulations, Walt! I can’t wait to receive my copy ordered from Amazon and post my 5-Star review there. Thank you for sharing your stories and your faith with your readers.

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