Dr. Walt Featured on Focus on the Family Today – Fit over 50 (Part 2)

Today Dr. Walt is scheduled to appear with Jim Daly, his wife, Jean Daly, and co-host John Fuller to discuss Walt’s newest book, “Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices for a Healthier, Happier You.” Today is PART TWO of two broadcasts.


In a conversation based on his book Fit Over 50, Dr. Walt Larimore and Mrs. Jean Daly explain how those over age 50 can pursue good health in its four primary aspects – physical, emotional/mental, relational, and spiritual. Though geared toward older people, the principles discussed apply to all ages.

On Monday, July 21, the streaming audio of PART ONE of this broadcast will be available here and on Tuesday, July 22, PART TWO will be available here. A video version of the broadcasts will also be featured on the Focus on the Family YouTube channel here.

Note: These are all scheduled to go live at 3 AM Eastern Time on the day of the broadcast.


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