Monday Memo – Another Wonderful Blessing

A long-time friend, Pastor Gary DeSalvo passed away recently. His local paper wrote:

Praise flowed Tuesday for the founding pastor of the Temple Bible Church, Gary DeSalvo who died Monday evening at the age of 64 after a six-year battle with a rare form of cancer, ocular melanoma, to which he lost an eye. DeSalvo’s wife, in a Facebook post Monday night, wrote, “Gary saw the face of Jesus and it took his breath away.”

The cancer was diagnosed in 2013, but DeSalvo continued to preach, delivering his last sermon on Aug. 11. “He didn’t know it was last sermon when he gave it but he went to the hospital shortly after that,” teaching Pastor Dave Tate said.

DeSalvo’s Temple Bible Church colleagues describe the Louisiana State University fan as a humble, faithful, family man. “He really has impacted thousands of people in central Texas for the gospel of Jesus and impacted hundreds if not thousands of pastors in Rwanda or Ukraine Congo other nations all over the world,” teaching Pastor Chase Bowers said. “He taught all of us how to live, live well and we’ve also learned from him how to die faithfully.” Bowers said. Gary would want you to know that he is happy he is worshiping Jesus he is in a place with no more sickness no more pain,” teaching Pastor Tim Cartwright said.

My blessing came from his daughter, who sent me some text from one of Gary’s personal journals. The page was titled, “Was there a special person who helped you in your Christian walk? Share something about that person.” Here’s what he wrote:

At LSU a fellow student named Walter Larimore discipled me for two years and that was during the first years that I grew seriously as a Christian. Walter was brilliant, he’s a physician in Florida some of our men recently met. He was sharp witted, always deeply devoted in his walk with Christ, had a car, and was engaged with a 4.0 grade point in pre -med. Needless to say, he impressed me, but more importantly, he spent time teaching me. I was the youngest, least knowledgeable guy with our discipleship group of four, but that was a great time for laying a foundation for the future for me. 

The actual page from Gary’s journal.

We who follow Jesus walk through life trying to know him more deeply and sweetly, as he bears his fruit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) in and through us. Our goal? To be salt and light to others. What a joy it is to have a brief glimpse (which is all He usually gives us this side of eternity) of some of the fruit he has borne. What a blessing. 
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2 Responses to Monday Memo – Another Wonderful Blessing

  1. Carol Culbertson says:

    How encouraging!!

  2. Carol,

    You can imagine how my heart almost burst. What a blessing. But, I suspect we all, when we meet Jesus, will hear story after story of how He used us throughout our lives in ways we never imagined. Once in a while, we get a little glimpse of that here. To Him be the glory.


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