Studies: Children raised by lesbians not necessarily problem-free

Children's Health, Marriage and Family Health, Parenting, Woman's Health
Over the last few years, a few published studies have claimed that children raised by same-sex couples compare favorably to — and sometimes even better than — children raised by moms and dads on measures of self-esteem and academics. Those studies, in turn, have served as fodder for a media campaign that two loving parents are all children really need. Here are details that challenge that from a report in Citizen Link: (more…)
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FDA cites misleading statements from inhalable caffeine manufacturer

Children's Health, Mental Health, Nutritional Health, Parenting
Bloomberg News reports that the FDA has cited Breathable Foods Inc. for placing misleading labels on canisters dispensing caffeine. According to Bloomberg, the FDA notes that the manufacturer describes its AeroShot Pure Energy inhaler as "breathable energy," and so "encourages consumers to breathe the caffeine mist into their lungs instead of spraying it on their tongues to be swallowed." (more…)
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