Give Thanksgiving leftovers a healthy and delicious overhaul

Nutritional Health
One of the wonderful things about Thanksgiving dinner is there are often lots of delicious leftovers. You can just warm up a few of your favorite dishes or make a simple turkey sandwich. But for healthful alternatives, USA Today asked the Food Network’s Ellie Krieger, the editors of EatingWell and Cooking Light to share some nutritious recipes that use Thanksgiving leftovers. I hope you try them out. (more…)
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Giving thanks isn’t just pious or polite. It’s good for you

General Health, Heart Health, Mental Health
Kim Painter, a columnist for USA Today wrote a column reminding each of us of the potential health value of thanksgiving: Thursday, in between the cheese ball appetizers and the pumpkin pie desserts, most of us will indulge in something proven to have powerful health benefits. No, it’s not that extra serving of stuffing. It’s the expression of gratitude — the simple act of thanking God, thanking others or just counting your blessings. Saying thanks, it turns out, isn’t just pious or polite. It’s good for you. But there’s a catch: You have to do it even when the calendar does not say “Thanksgiving.” (more…)
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Will new tests promote abortion of an ‘undesired sex’ baby?

Bioethics, Children's Health
Art Caplan, MD, is a physician and bioethicist, who is prochoice, but shares the significant reservations I have about a new blood test that helps a couple know early in a pregnancy whether they have a male or female baby. I’ve predicted this will result in more abortions and that physicians should rarely offer this test. Now, my colleague, who is prochoice, agrees. (more…)
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30% of SAMe supplements fail to pass testing

Alternative Medicine, Joint Health, Mental Health, Nutritional Health
Dietary supplements containing SAMe (S-adenosyl-methionine) can be effective in treating osteoarthritis as well as depression and mood disorders, but only 7 out of ten SAM-e supplements recently selected for testing by met all quality criteria. Furthermore, the cost of SAMe varied almost 6-fold ... with the most expensive product failing! (more…)
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