Less stress and more sleep may help you lose weight

Heart Health, Mental Health, Nutritional Health, Obesity
If you or someone you love is overweight or obese, here's some good news on a couple of other ways (other than better nutrition and exercise) you could consider to lose weight. The Los Angeles Times "Booster Shots" reported, "Getting a healthy amount of sleep, avoiding stress, and complying with specific elements of a weight-loss plan (such as keeping a food diary) seem to boost the odds of" losing weight." (more…)
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Cancer risk from airport scanners extremely low, study finds

General Health, Health Headlines
My previous blogs on airport scanners (see list below) have been particularly popular among readers for obvious reasons. Now, Bloomberg News is reporting, "Airport body scanners pose little radiation risk to travelers, emitting less than 1 percent of the dose a person would get from cosmic rays while flying at high altitudes," according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. (more…)
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Parents: Do NOT use car safety seats outside the car

Children's Health, Parenting
The AP is reporting that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) "and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued separate but consistent" new recommendations about car safety seats and and children riding in cars. These new recommendations (see this and the next two blogs) will require families to make some adjustments. And, I think this particular recommendation will surprise many:  (more…)
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CoQ10 test results show high quality, but wide differences in dosages, formulations, and cost

Alternative Medicine, General Health, Heart Health
CoQ10 is among the most popular supplements in the U.S. and is used for cardiovascular disease and a range of other conditions. However, it is easy, however, for a consumer to be confused about CoQ10 due to mixed clinical findings, absorption issues, two chemical forms (CoQ10 and its activated from, ubiquinol), and a variety of suggested dosing across products. (more…)
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